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The Power of Battery Minerals in a Sustainable Future

A graphic showing the demand more specific battery minerals.

The global shift towards clean energy and electric vehicles (EVs) is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, driving a surge in demand for battery minerals. In this blog post, we delve into the insights provided by a recent article on Visualizing the Future Demand for Battery Minerals, sponsored by Sprott. The article highlights the projected growth of in-demand minerals, as well as touches on rising concerns regarding potential supply shortages by 2030. 

Battery Minerals as Necessity

The demand for battery minerals is set to skyrocket in the coming years as we head towards 2040. Battery minerals are a crucial factor in the transition to a clean energy future as they “power cost-effective, on-demand energy systems and are at the core of decarbonizing transportation.” 

Projected Growth in Demand

According to the article, the demand for battery metals is projected to skyrocket in the coming years. By 2040, based on a Net Zero Emissions Scenario (NZE), the expected growth in demand is staggering:

A graphic displaying the projected growth for minerals.

Supply Gap by 2030?

Unfortunately, mineral shortages are a growing concern and where the Energy Transitions Commission predicts that shortages are expected to emerge by or before 2030. These shortages, specifically in Copper, Lithium, Cobalt and Nickel, could result in supply gaps. The looming gaps present compelling investment opportunities in mineral exploration and mining companies. 

A graphic showing a possible supply gap for certain battery minerals by 2030.

To read the original article or view the graphics, click HERE.


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