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This is Us...

This is Us...


Our professional practice focuses on valuations, Business Valuations, Commercial Real Estate Appraisals, and Equipment Appraisals and to help our clients determine the Fair Market Value of their assets..


Our Value Advisory Practice works with our business clients to help them improve the value of their businesses, with the aim of maximizing value in contemplation of a future sale and where an exit strategy is being planned.

Ernest Bednarz, CBV
Founder and Principal
Business Valuator CBV

Ernest is a distinguished Chartered Business Valuator, a multilingual professional fluent in two languages, and an esteemed graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Entrepreneurial Management from Royal Roads University.


With his enduring passion for business and entrepreneurship, Ernest has been a driving force behind numerous early-stage business ventures throughout his career. Balancing a diverse and extensive business background with the responsibilities of a young family, Ernest now dedicates his expertise to collaborating with established business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and their professional advisors in the specialized field of Business Valuation.


With a rich history of owning and operating businesses firsthand spanning over two decades, Ernest imparts unique perspectives and insights to every assignment. His practical knowledge of how businesses truly operate, the challenges they encounter, and the identification of growth opportunities set him apart. Armed with this profound understanding, Ernest not only delivers well-supported value opinions but also guides companies in enhancing their distinct value drivers, fostering an increase in their intrinsic value over time.

Ernest's commitment extends to valuing companies of all sizes and across diverse industries, whether for tax planning, a sale or purchase, or legal considerations. His comprehensive valuation reports have been instrumental in supporting business values with the Canada Revenue Agency, the Courts, and most of the major lending institutions.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Ernest has showcased his expertise as a sought-after guest expert on Television, radio, and Online programming. Eager to share his knowledge, he welcomes public speaking engagements and media appearances in his field of expertise. Ernest thrives on the opportunity to meet new business owners, uncover their stories, and assist them in understanding the current value of their enterprises while guiding them toward sustainable growth and increased value.

Aleksandra Bednarz
AACI, B.Sc, P.App
Commercial Real Estate Appraiser
Commercial Real Estate Appraiser AAIC

Aleksandra graduated from the University of Victoria with a BSc in Geography in 2001 and contracted for the provincial government for many years providing GIS technical consulting services. 


Driven by her interest in real estate, Aleksandra began pursuing the AACI designation through the Real Estate Division of UBC in 2015 and achieved her goal in the spring of 2021.

Aleksandra has undertaken a wide array of assignments relating to commercial properties, including multi-family, office, industrial, mixed-use as well as multi-family and commercial development land projects throughout Vancouver Island. 


Her objective in every assignment is to provide her clients with well-researched, accurate, and understandable appraisal reports with the aim towards building long-lasting relationships.


Aleksandra has become a respected appraiser and is highly regarded by her clients and professionals in the field.  She is known for her integrity, sincerity, and diplomacy.  As an appraisal partner at Malahat Valuation Group she works closely with Ernest on assignments involving both a business valuation and commercial real estate appraisals; having the ability to address both the valuation and appraisal needs under one roof makes it much easier for these clients to get what they need quicker, easier and usually more cost effectively.


She is a fitness fanatic, smoothie enthusiast and is able to have a good time wherever she goes.  She has a way with words, gets the job done, and excels at creative approaches to problem-solving. 

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Janet Heino, CPA, CA, CBV
Senior Valuator & Mentor
Valuations Lead

Janet is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) with over 30 years of experience providing client-focused services. She has more than twenty plus years of experience in providing business valuations, litigation support services, and a range of management and financial consulting services to a wide variety of clients in many industry sectors as well to the public sectors and ten years in public practice providing audit, tax, and accounting services.

She has appeared as an expert witness in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and before the Public Accounts Committee for the government of British Columbia providing insights and explanations on valuation issues.


Janet is one of the most senior business valuators on Vancouver Island and at Malahat Valuation Group, she collaborates and mentors other valuators on all business valuation engagements. Her three decades of valuation experience are invaluable and she really is our not-so-secret competitive advantage.  Simply put, Janet adds incremental perspective and provides additional assurance to every valuation assignment.

We are thrilled to call Janet our colleague and friend; her insights, perspectives, and professionalism are unparalleled.

Darcy Cross
Equipment Appraiser -
Aviation Specialist
Equipment Appraiser

Darcy is a Machinery and Technical Specialties Appraiser and a member of the American Society of Appraisers with 20+ year of experience as an aviation professional.

At Malahat Valuation Group, Darcy’s goal is to provide clients with accurate and defensible appraisals of their equipment assets.  While he enjoys appraising all types of equipment, Darcy’s areas of keen interest and expertise are small planes and helicopters. 


As a longtime business owner, Darcy is mindful of the many different scenarios that can arise which demand a professional appraisal of machinery and equipment.  Honest and upfront, Darcy is a hard worker who strives to accomplish excellence in his professional and personal life.


Darcy graduated with top marks from the BCIT Aerospace Campus in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and from there has never stopped advancing in his career. After 21 years as a Transport Canada and Federal Aviation Administration licensed engineer, Darcy completed the Machinery and Technical Specialties (MTS) – Aircraft Appraisal Program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Dayton Beach, Florida.


Outside of work, he is a dedicated father, and he shoulders the same enthusiasm for parenting as he does in his pursuit of learning something new. Darcy enjoys spending time with family, sailing, and is also an avid traveler in search of a sunny beach and warm water.

Rosemary White
Editor extraordinaire
Editor in Chief

Rosemary White is the founder of RosemaryWrites, a content creation, proofreading, and editing service based in Toronto. In 2021 she joined our MVG copywriter, report editor, and the professional eye for the less obvious, spotting every grammar misstep and stumble.  When she’s not adrift on the internet, she enjoys traveling on her motorcycle, collecting dollhouse miniatures, and hanging out with her best friend Ted, a cuddly red standard poodle. 

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