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Jobs Most Impacted by The Rise of AI

A chart indicating which job departments will be impacted most by AI including IT and Finance at the top. Chart from

Image by Visual Capitalist.

With the notable surge of Artificial Intelligence nowadays, characterized by the growth of large language models and other generative AI tools, it is evident that the operational landscape across various industries is starting to undergo significant transformation, a trend expected to persist as AI garners greater acceptance and adoption.

In response to this accelerated integration of AI technologies into daily lives, the World Economic Forum has released a comprehensive report analyzing the anticipated impact on various professions.


Analysts assessed over 19,000 occupational tasks to determine if they relied on language. If a certain task was deemed “language-based,” it was then analyzed how much human involvement was needed to complete said task. In doing so, researchers were able to establish the most likely professions and industries to be heavily influenced by AI technologies. 

A chart indicating which job departments will be impacted by AI.

In this chart, large impact refers to tasks that will be fully automated or significantly altered by AI technologies. and small impact refers to tasks that have a lesser potential for disruption.

Where We’ll Likely See The Biggest Impact

Jobs within the realms of information technology (IT) and finance have the highest potential to be impacted by these new AI tools. Within IT, tasks such as software quality assurance and customer service will be largely affected as we’ve already started to see online with customer service chatbots etc. Within finance, analysts anticipate that AI could be extremely useful in bookkeeping, accounting and auditing, tasks that are repeatable. 

As AI tools are becoming more common, they are reshaping the professional landscape across various industries. Anticipating continued integration and development of AI technologies, the future promises further evolution in job roles, skill requirements, and organizational structures to adapt to this transformative wave.

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