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CBV’s Forecast a Rise in Canadian Deal Activity

CBV's Forecast a Rise in Canadian Deal Activity title photo with a house and rising arrow.

The most recent CBV Insights report indicates a potential rise in Canadian deal activity throughout 2024 and potentially throughout 2025 as well. Thanks to their most recent survey (CBV Institute M&A Outlook Survey), 58% of Chartered Business Valuators practicing in Mergers & Acquisitions expect to exceed 2023 deal activity. 

Graph indicating CBV's expectations for the number of M&A transactions in Canada over the next 12-24 months compared to 2023.

Leading Industries

There are three leading industries that CBV’s expect to see a greater rise in Canadian deal activity in the following sectors:

  • Industrial Products and Services

  • Health Care

  • Technology

CBV’s are also expecting an increase in insolvency transactions as well as improvement for deals that involve more mature companies. 

Valuation Multiples Stay Stagnant

While there is lots of talk about a projected rise in deal activity, most CBV’s surveyed do not expect an increase in valuation multiples or the average deal size for transactions involving Canadian companies. In fact, only 22% of survey participants project increased valuation multiples over the next few years while 34% of participants expect an increase in the average deal size. 

The Succession Backlog

The CBV Institute reports how there has been a significant backlog of businesses looking at succession planning due to the age(s) of owners. Not only is there a rise in older business owners looking to sell, many younger business owners are also eager to exit. CBV's are seeing a lot of business owners who want to quickly grow their business and position it for sale at a much younger age.

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