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Our appraisers specialize in appraising commercial real estate appraisals to owners, lenders, and landlords.

Our business valuators specialize in providing independent business valuations to established business owners and their professional advisors.

"We help clients discover the true value of their business and assets, with an outside perspective that is backed by years of direct business ownership experience. Our expertise is rooted in business and business valuation; we have bought, sold, started and operated companies in a multitude of industries and bring a unique practical perspective to each valuation engagement that goes beyond the financial statements".  Ernest Bednarz, Founding Partner 


Our Chartered Business Valuation Professionals perform in-depth analysis of your business, the industry and current market conditions to provide you with a complete and defensible business valuation reports.


The valuation of a business calls for a combination of science, experience and professional judgment.  Our expertise is rooted in our past business ownership experience and go beyond just valuation theory.



Commercial Appraisals require a special set of skills and experience,  utilizing an in depth study of the market, focusing on demographic trends, market comparables, replacement cost and rental income.  


We specialize in helping our clients obtain appraisals of their commercial real estate assets and provide real estate consulting services that our clients can count on to be timely and cost effective.



Our equipment appraisers deliver accurate and timely Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisal Reports that contain substantiated and defensible determination of value that can stand up to the toughest scrutiny. 


Equipment and machinery appraisal reports are performed under the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and provide our clients the Fair Market Value of their physical assets.


A Consultants greatest value comes from having the ability to look at a business with a fresh set of eyes, gaining new perspectives and approaching problems or opportunities with specialized skills that may not be available in-house.  Our specialty lies in increasing the business value by improving the unique attributes that drive your organizations value resulting in a higher return on investment.  We provide value definitions for shareholder agreements, mediate corporate disputes over value and help owners plan and maximize proceeds upon the sale or exit from their businesses.

This is Us.

This is Us.

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About Us

Malahat Valuation Group is incorporated in the Province of British Columbia and is 100% Canadian-owned. The company was founded in Victoria by partners Ernest and Aleksandra.


Our focus is on Business Valuations, Commercial Real Estate Appraisals and Machinery / Equipment Appraisals that help our clients determine the Fair Market Value of their shares and assets. 


Our Value Advisory practice works with clients to help them improve the value of their businesses, either before or after a valuation, with the aim of maximizing value in cases where an exit strategy is sought.


Prior to the Malahat Valuation Group, the partners were involved in multiple business ventures from inception to exit for a better part of two decades.  They have grown their companies from single-specialty enterprises to multi-product vertically integrated companies with profitable exits.


The depth of business experience and knowledge gained in their previous roles as well as their professional designations, provide Malahat Valuation Group with a unique perspective that allows us to help our clients determine the current value of their assets and in a consulting capacity to improve, as well as exit their companies profitably


We plan to continue growing our valuation and appraisal practices in Western Canada. Value creation, growth, and preservation is a continuous effort and we are here to help.  We want to hear from you, call and leverage our experience and advice.




We'd love to hear from you

Malahat Valuation Group

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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"Thank you for the evaluation of Trademasters Automotive LTD. You have been very easy to work with marking the process seamless. You presented  us with a very professional report that we can defend when we take our company to market."

C. Hillton - President

"A delicate valuation done professionally and well. It was very helpful to have the real estate valuation done by the same company to streamline the valuation process. Impartiality was required and was evident throughout the process."



“I would very much like to thank you for your prompt and professional service in valuation of our business.  Your process was clear and relatively easy, your report provided me with a realistic idea of what my business is worth.  I enjoyed the process and our discussions regarding my company, the inherent value drivers and how to make it more valuable and marketable going forward.  Your valuation result and final report was comprehensive and complete; in my view good value for money.  It is important that I continue to build a business that will have real value to the next owner when we are ready to sell,  your valuation will help me continue in that effort and substantiate the selling price”.

K. Zanetti - Owner

My experience with Malahat Valuation Group was excellent.  I received the answers I sought in a timeline and detailed manner.  Further, I experienced a personable connection wherein I felt valued not only as a customer, but also a human being.  If not for this valuation, I may have made a monumental mistake in letting go of my business for the benefit of another, larger organization.  Thank you for educating me about future possibilities.  I intend now to develop it with the aid of trusted advisors (one of which was referred to me through Malahat Valuation Group). I would most certainly refer to others who may require this service.  Thank you!

Amanda - Owner

"I used  Malahat Valuation for a business acquisition; their advice and support made me much more confident and clear about my offer. It gave me a solid base for the price negotiations. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other buyers or sellers."


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